UN Human Rights Council 44: Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on Myanmar

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Thank you, Madame President.

Thank you Special Rapporteur for your update. We welcome you to the role and encourage Myanmar to work with you as you fulfil your mandate.

Across Myanmar, the indiscriminate targeting of civilians remains a military tactic. The physical and mental suffering those civilians face, including sexual violence, is deeply disturbing.

The Tatmadaw’s ‘four cuts’ strategy endangers lives disproportionately and causes lasting damage to property and livelihoods. This month in Rakhine, Tatmadaw ‘clearance operations’ saw villages shelled and burnt, with reports suggesting the displacement of at least 10,000 civilians.

Those civilians, and all communities affected by conflict, require humanitarian support. The UK urges the Myanmar authorities to allow humanitarian actors full and unfettered access to all areas, and to remove all obstacles, including the internet shutdown, that prevent civilians, not least the Rohingya, from receiving effective humanitarian support. The UK stands ready to support those in need.

Security Council Resolution 2532 of 1 July demanded an immediate cessation of hostilities in all situations on its agenda, including Myanmar. We call on the Tatmadaw to extend its unilateral ceasefire to all areas of fighting and urge all armed actors to take steps to engage in dialogue, protect civilians and abide by international law.

Special Rapporteur,

What can Myanmar’s authorities do to ensure the full protection of civilians?

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